Athlete Counselling

Counselling & Athletes

Playing sports is a privilege that contributes to healthy physical, psychological, and social development. However, athletes also face sport-related challenges—such as pressure to perform, unmet expectations, injuries etc.—that can negatively impact mental health. A qualified Counsellor, with experience in sport, and expertise in sport psychology, can help athletes navigate challenges, manage mental health, and build mental strength.
Athletes can benefit from counselling by learning strategies to develop confidence, deal with pressure, navigate transitions, avoid burnout, improve performance and much more. Okanagan Clinical Counselling Services provides counselling tailored to the unique needs of athletes.

How Counselling Can Benefit Athletes:

• Anger
• Burnout
• Body-image
• Career transitions (e.g., from minor hockey to junior; from high school to university)
• Coping with a serious injury
• Lack of confidence
• Mental toughness
• Performance improvement
• Performance Stress
• Relationship with parents and/or coaches
• Retirement
• Self-image
• Substance abuse
• Unmet expectations

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