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Here at OK Clinical Therapy Group, our experienced certified counsellors can help you and/or your partner navigate stressful fertility and reproductive health issues. Speaking with a counsellor during this time can greatly assist you in reducing the psychological impact of this complicated journey.

Our skilled team is equipped to provide effective support for a wide range of fertility and reproductive health issues. From addressing concerns related to infertility, donor considerations, and IVF support to managing hormonal regulation, anxiety, and depression, we offer comprehensive assistance. Our expertise extends to navigating surrogacy, miscarriages, adoption, and various other aspects of fertility and reproductive well-being. Whatever your unique needs may be, our professionals are here to guide and support you on your journey.

Convenient and Tailored

Our Counsellors and Social Workers can offer their services all over the province and some even Canada-wide. Sessions can be in-person if the client can travel to any of our locations, or sessions can be conducted virtually via Phone Call or Video Chat. Our staff are trained and certified in telehealth communication and are happy to assist anyone looking for support regardless of location or situation.

Our Counselling Team

Educated, experienced professionals that will help you reach your potential. Our highly trained team is passionate about helping you in whatever you need.

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Looking for the right counsellor? Fill out our ‘Find The Right Counsellor’ form, and our team will connect you with the perfect fit for your mental health needs. Get started on your journey to wellness today!

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Contact us for a free consultation to see how we can support you in finding functional and supportive solutions for psychological distress caused by fertility issues or reproductive health problems. You are welcome to contact us anytime. We’d be happy to hear from you.