Teresa Wright


Teresa is a Certified Relationship Coach and a Lifeskills Workshop Facilitator. Teresa specializes in Couples Work.

She was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario where she completed her Social Service Diploma at Confederation College and then went on to study Psychology at Lakehead University.

After relocating to beautiful Kelowna BC in 1998, Teresa gained her Certified Coaching Practitioner Certification.



For over 20 years, she has been working in various industries and a wide variety of organizations.

Teresa has worked in positions integrating students with special needs into main stream education, coaching and facilitating lifeskills and parenting approaches and currently her passions have taken her to employment. Each position included working with singles, couples and families in different stages of their lives, but her goal has always stayed the same.

These positions have mainly been for one-on-one coaching sessions and in facilitation roles with one goal in her heart: continue to make a difference in people’s lives and increase the quality of their relationships.

Teresa has been married for 20 years, thus understands the continued work it takes to improve a relationship that is valuable to us. She has assisted many people to connect on a new level with someone they love, strengthen their relationship and discover renewed happiness.

Her approach is a solution-focused process that helps you clarify what you want and determine the steps you need to take so you can get there. Her coaching is based on fundamental client-centered principles. She is a non-judgmental facilitator with the primary goal of helping you gain a clear view of what is important or drives and motivates you. She will assist you create a happier, more purposeful and passionate life.