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Are you Looking for Qualified Clinical Supervision to Enhance your Practice, Manage Complex Cases or to Obtain Supervisory Hours for Clinical Registration?

OK Clinical Therapy Group offers clinical supervision from experienced mental health professionals who can offer insight, training, and guidance to qualified individuals.

We’re here to support you. Please get in touch with us at 250-718-9291, or email us at info@okclinical.com.

Our goal is to help pre-licensed therapists, practicum students (with a current practicum site), and full-licensed therapists grow by developing skills and creating an environment of learning. Individuals may have a variety of different reasons for seeking clinical or external supervision.

OK Clinical supervisors can help with clinical skill-building, professional development, building resiliency and improving self-care, guidance through issues involving confidentiality or ethical dilemmas, offering a supportive environment to prevent professional isolation, theory and practice integration, help achieve the required hours for licensing, and much more.

Our supervisors are able to take individuals who have completed their Master Degree level education in a counselling field and are trying to attain a Registered Clinical Counsellor, Registered Social Worker, or Canadian Certified Counsellor designation. OK Clinical also provides supervision to off site practicum students, those who need someone to review and approve their hours.

Please check with your desired licenses governing organization for details of your individual requirements for clinical supervision.

OK Clinical Fees are $150 per hour of clinical supervision.

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