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Benefits of Nature Therapy

Walk-and-talk, or Nature therapy can be helpful in the treatment of several challenges. Moreover, this includes anxiety and depression, self-esteem issues, life transitions, stress, anger, and grief. Other potential benefits include enhanced psychological and cognitive processing, diminished expert-layperson distinction, increased client-therapist collaboration, and shifting from ‘stuckness’ to psychological flexibility. Research also suggests this form of therapy can offer a less stigmatizing therapeutic alternative. This is in contrast to traditional indoor therapy which is equally or even more effective.

Informed Consent for Nature Therapy

The uniqueness and additional complications of walk-and-talk therapy require specific discussions with a therapist regarding the risks, benefits, and procedures necessary when taking therapy outside. This would include obtaining written consent before participating in outdoor counselling and providing ongoing informed consent as needed. Issues to be addressed might consist of a client’s health (e.g., risks of falls), when to stay inside, how to manage confidentiality, and ways to maintain appropriate boundaries. Therapists address any additional ethical concerns by transferring professional and ethical practices from the consultation room to the outdoor setting.

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Is Nature Therapy for You?

If you have a love for the outdoors, you may want to consider walk-and-talk therapy. Alternatively, if you do not enjoy sitting still while trying to process emotions in a traditional therapy session, or if you do not like the sometimes-awkward format of being stared at by a therapist sitting across from you, you might prefer an outdoor session. Lastly, if your work involves sitting at a desk all day, you might enjoy getting out for a walk. Feel free to connect with us to arrange a session with one of our licensed therapists if the idea of walk-and-talk therapy resonates with you for any reason.