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What is a Hear The Child Report?

What is a Hear The Child Report (HTC) – formally called “Views of the Child” report?

When parents cannot agree on issues related to custody, guardianship, residence for the children, access, allegations of abuse and other parenting issues, they can request a court-ordered Hear The Child Report, whereby a clinical counsellor or registered social worker interviews the child and reports the child’s views on specific issues. A Hear the Child Report can also be approved by the parties involved without a court order.

These issues include the child’s preferred residence, school, views on access, visits and anything where the parents would like the child’s opinion to be heard. The Hear The Child Report does not provide recommendations as it is only intended to clarify the child’s opinions and feelings about an issue affecting them.

The HTC report we offer is “Non-Evaluative”, meaning the counsellors only provide information received verbatim from your child, and they do no evaluate or assess any aspects of what is shared.

How does the process work?

The process typically involves interviewing each child to gain an understanding of their needs. Our questions are based on information provided by each parent. Each parent is asked to complete the intake interview form and consent form, which allows the parent to voice their concerns for the child. A detailed report is written and the parents typically use the report to help reach a settlement whereby the voice of the child is heard.

Terms and Conditions

For successful completion of this report, both guardians are to complete the HTC Consent and Interview Intake Form which will be provided to your email address on file upon booking. Both guardians must provide consent unless otherwise stated in a court order. The court order must be provided to the interviewing clinician at the time of booking. Any disclosed neglect, harm, sexual abuse, or exploitation will require the clinician to report to the ministry under the clinicians’ ethical guidelines for the protective rights of the child.

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Embarking on the journey of a Hear The Child Report is a significant step towards ensuring the well-being of your child during custody matters. If you have any questions or uncertainties about the process, our dedicated team at OK Clinical Therapy Group is here to assist you.

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