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Why People are Choosing Online Counselling

Online counselling is preferred for its convenience, allowing individuals to receive services in the comfort of their homes and engage at their chosen time, eliminating concerns about commutes, parking, and time constraints. This option is particularly suitable for those with physical disabilities or limited transportation, as well as residents in rural communities. Additionally, online counselling enhances anonymity and immediacy, fostering a quick sense of comfort in your familiar space and eliminating the potential discomfort of encountering someone you might know in a public counselling setting. Clients may even find solace in expressing their thoughts through the comfort of their homes during overwhelming moments.

Qualificaions & Confidentiality

Our certified online counsellors bring expertise to Telehealth & eTherapy services, conducted through secure video, phone, chat, or email in the comfort of your own space and at your convenience. While client confidentiality is prioritized, it's essential to acknowledge the inherent risks in online communication, even with HIPAA policy compliance. Online counselling may not address concerns like suicidal thoughts or acute psychiatric episodes. In such cases, immediate support through 911 or local crisis lines is crucial. Additionally, contacting your doctor or reaching out to friends and family is vital for comprehensive assistance beyond the scope of online counselling.

Our Counselling Team

Highly educated and experienced professionals. Our team is exceptionally trained and specialized in Online Therapy.

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