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The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) Standards of Care requires an assessment before starting hormone therapy.  Version 7 of the Standards, published in 2011, guides care in B.C.

A healthcare professional conducts a hormone readiness assessment to determine if a patient is ready to begin hormone therapy, and primary care providers can effectively conduct this assessment. To ensure safe and appropriate treatment, preparatory steps are necessary, although there is no waiting period required prior to starting hormone therapy.

Most people do not require assessment by a psychologist or psychiatrist, but the primary care provider should evaluate both mental and physical health as part of hormone readiness assessment and refer to appropriate specialists as necessary. The number of assessment visits depends on various factors such as visit length, clinical situation, and clinician experience.

Number of Assessments Required

Clients with complex physical or mental health issues, or those who are socially isolated, may require more visits. Fewer visits, on the other hand, may be suitable for straightforward patients, more experienced clinicians, or longer appointments. Situations prioritizing harm reduction may also call for fewer visits.

The primary goal of these visits is to ensure that the patient is adequately prepared both medically and psychosocially to commence hormone therapy. This is best achieved within a primary care setting that employs a gender-affirming, informed consent-based approach.

HRT: 1 Assessment - Top Surgery: 1 Surgical Readiness Assessment - Bottom Surgery: 2 Surgical Readiness Assessments

A Formal HRT assessment total cost is $350 for 2 clinical hours, Informed Consent Paperwork, and a Letter of assessment. We also offer therapy services to the client for Transition Support, Transition Navigation and Advocacy, Confidence Building, Support Through Mood Changes, and Coordinating Family Support.

*This is only for HRT Assessments, (Initiation of cross-sex hormones). If you are looking for a surgical assessment, please let our staff know and additionally they can refer you to another professional.

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Additional Info on Hormone Readiness Assessments

The assessment does not guarantee a letter of approval, as transitioning can be challenging socially, mentally, and physically. Specifically, Counsellors have an ethical obligation to “do no harm”. Furthermore, OK Clinical will work with the client accordingly to reach the goal of further counseling/support, and a reduced rate for a second formal assessment will be made available.

For Additional Info and Support: Trans Care BC as an additional resource - Outside of BC or unable to call a toll-free number: 1-604-675-3647 - Email: transcareteam@phsa.ca