Know Your Symptoms: How Stress Affects Your Health

At any age, and especially as we grow older, we face many challenges in our lives that can bring stress upon our minds and bodies. Whether you are facing the loss of a spouse for the first time or have just moved to a new home, confronting changes after being comfortable with certain routines can lead to a sense of unsettled angst.

Knowing the signs of stress therefore becomes increasingly important to maintaining our health as senior citizens. In the long term, stress can lead to very serious medical issues like cancer, a weakened immune system, or heart disease. Thus, it is key to recognize the short-term effects of stress that you may be experiencing, such as:

·         High blood pressure

·         High blood sugar

·         Headaches or migraines

·         Hair loss

·         Skin issues, such as acne, dryness, or rashes

·         Amplified asthmatic symptoms

·         Sleeplessness or fatigue

·         Digestive problems

By recognizing the physical effects of stress as early as they begin, you can change your ways and put your best foot forward in promoting a harmonious mind, body, and spirit in your golden years.

Written by: Sally Writes

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