In the current hustle and bustle of our world and lives, we often seem to forget about the importance of taking care of ourselves. Finding time for the things we personally enjoy can be challenging as it can feel uncomfortable to create and take the space to do something that does not revolve around others’ needs. 

Creating a focus on our own needs and wants is crucial in ensuring we take time for ourselves. Often when time is not taken on a regular basis it results in our mental well-being decreasing. When this occurs it’s a sign that we need to re-evaluate what we are needing to feel our best. This may also mean that we need to readjust priorities in order to take care of ourselves. 

Self-care can come in many different forms, for instance, self-care can come in forms of emotional self-care, practical self-care, physical self-care, mental self-care, social self-care, and spiritual self-care. While self-care does take many different forms it can look different depending on the person. Recognizing what works best for us and what we need is an important step in working towards an increase in self-care activities and one’s overall well-being. Depending on what one is experiencing or feeling will also determine what self-care looks like in that moment. Maybe one day self-care is going for a run, but another day self-care is watching your favourite show. Understanding that self-care can look different and that there should be no judgment placed on self-care done for oneself is a valuable consideration. Finding multiple activities of self-care that are within these different categories that feel good for oneself can also be valuable. Having many different options of self-care, it can allow one to have a variety of options of self-care depending on how they are feeling and what they are needing. 

We are continually faced with many different situations personally, professionally and within society that can greatly influence our overall well-being. Being able to find self-care activities that we can incorporate into our lives can have a positive influence on how we feel.

Written by: Cassidy Laskosky, MACP

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