The Magic of Mindfulness

As we transition into another season and new routine it is important to remember the value that mindfulness can have in one’s life. Becoming more mindful can allow for a great deal of clarity or awareness to occur in an individual. There are many benefits to introducing mindfulness activities into one’s life. Some of the benefits are:

-Improving one’s overall well-being

-Improving one’s physical health and mental health

-Helping to relieve stress

-Improving sleep

-Improving cognitive abilities

-Improving emotional regulation

While there are many benefits to using a mindfulness activity, each person will have a different mindfulness practice or activity that will improve those areas of their lives. Here are a few mindfulness activities that could be beneficial.

-Focusing on one’s breathe

-Focusing on one’s senses

-Being in nature



Each of those activities has a variety of options that allow a person to choose what is best for themselves in order to create the best mindfulness practice for them. Finding what brings one clarity, joy and awareness will differ from person to person. For example, one may find yoga to help bring them mindfulness but someone else may find walking outdoors to help create mindfulness for them. These two activities are different but depending on the person will depend on the benefits that they experience from the activities. It may take time to find what works best for oneself and trying different variations of what was listed above may need to occur before finding the best mindfulness practice or activity for you.

Starting by picking an activity you feel you may enjoy could allow one to start exploring what mindfulness looks like and means to them.

Written by: Cassidy Laskosky, MACP

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